Put Your Best Foot Forward—it’s Game Time!

Quarantine had people cozied up in their homes, gaming and trying to fill the void created by the pandemic. Though they could've been playing a gazillion games, who's to guarantee they weren't just killing time and were actually enjoying the game?

Here’s a question for many game developers to ponder over.

Essentially, as a game developer, you want to keep your players on their toes and give them that adrenaline rush they'd been craving throughout quarantine. But how should you do that?

Well, this is where game analytics comes in.

The Clocks Ticking; You Snooze, You Lose

Gaming serves as a source of entertainment for many. You created games to give your players a gratifying experience, understandably.

But what good will it bring if you can’t keep your players hooked to your games? You run the risk of losing them to your competitors.

Understanding the player's behavior is key to improving retention, engagement, and monetization. Thus, data analytics is the quintessential accelerator that will help you stay afloat in the highly competitive gaming world.

Stay Ahead of the Race via Data Analytics

Gamers these days have umpteen choices in how they indulge their time and spend their money. With pay-to-play, GaaS, and free-to-play options, the gaming industry has no choice but to devise new strategies for player engagement and monetization.

On the bright side, gaming companies have a vast amount of player and game telemetry to draw insights. But what good is it if they don't know how to manage it?

The hallmark of a good game is an immersive experience. And therefore, gaming companies need a deeply engaging analytics solution with predictive and real-time analytics, which is where Data Pilot steps in.

Many organizations have been collecting data for decades yet haven't been able to model it succinctly.

With Data Pilot's diverse team of data scientists, and AI & ML experts, you’re just one step away from optimum, digital, and data-driven actionable insights.

Solve Your Business Problems with Data at Your Disposal

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Score opportunities for you to improve player engagement and retention by evaluating and visualizing service performance and conversion data.  
  • Use data analytics to identify patterns, styles, and logical relationships.
  • Guide road maps, track performance, and build automated detection systems from complex data sets.

If you’re not convinced yet, don’t worry. Learn how and why predictive analytics is a game changer.

Situation: They generated most of their revenue by selling products from their online shop to gamers.

Problem: The company wanted to increase player experience and lifetime value.

Solution: They invested in a data analytics solution to optimize player and business experience using personalized communication and recommendation models for real-time interactions. Also, they incorporated Cloudera Hadoop for data and Oracle RDBMS to store information for data marts and to devise KPI reporting metrics.

Result: Managed to increase ROI by a significant amount after deploying a personalized recommendations model. They also increased the number of campaigns run ten times the usual amount using machine learning.

Situation: They wanted to be at the top of global charts within Korea and beyond.

Problem: There were issues in session times and low retention rates.

Solution: The company integrated analytics to identify issues in session times and used the data to redesign the level roadmap and make the player experience more thrilling. Game developers and designers successfully added innovations to the game to make it exciting and challenging for the players.

Result: Homa Games saw an increase of 18% in session time and a 14% increase in overall retention rate.

Now that you know how data analytics is changing the games and the significant changes it can bring you, here's some advice: don't sleep on it!

Kick into High Gear—Data Pilot Awaits You!

If your search bar says “How to get started,” hold up, we’ve simplified the process for you. Get your game face on!

In collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Data Pilot brings you an interactive session filled with tips and tricks from the who’s who of the tech industry.


1.     Antoine Brochet, Senior Business Development Manager at AWS.

2.     Ali Ihsan, CEO at Frag Games.

3.     Khurram Samad, CEO at Activ8 Games.

4.     Uzair Arshad, Founder at Emblem Technologies.

5.     Ali Mojiz, CEO at Data Pilot.

Don’t stress; it WILL be all fun and games. Here’s what to expect:

  • Real-time & Predictive Data Insights
  • Scalability & Performance
  • Purpose-built Services & Solutions
  • Rich Analytics & Accelerated Development
  • Engagement & Monetization Strategies via Machine Learning

Date: October 4th, 2022.

Time: 4-7pm PST.

Place: LinkedIn Live  

Limited seats available; register now!

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