Financial Services

Banking  - Insurance  - Asset Leasing
We understand what a wrong decision can cost a business in Financial Services sector. Therefore, we make sure that we develop reliable data-driven solutions.

Enterprise Risk Management

Future Claims Prediction

Customer Profiling

Delinquency Prediction

Lead Management

Automated Application Processing


Claim Validation

Fraud Detection & Prevention

That is not all, we can help you solve any of your data related problem.
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We have designed models for our customers who have helped them predict the likelihood of future events. We have built models that:
Recommends the right car and the best financial product for a customer who walks in a car dealership interested in leasing a car.
Predicts when a customer will switch or upgrade a car during the tenure of the contract
Predicts delinquency that is the collection bucket through the course of contract to reduce losses 
Predicts which dealers to audit and which ones are likely to default for wholesale finance 
Save time and cost
Better serve your customers
Boost profitability with informed decision making
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