Transportation & Logistics - Car Sharing - Ride Hailing - Car Subscription
If you are operating in any of the above verticals, we can help you achieve more for your business. We build data-driven solutions that enables:

Customer Segmentation

Robotic Process Automation

Geospatial Analytics

Dynamic Pricing

Supply & Demand Matching

Customer Retention


Personalized Experience & Recommendations

Intelligent Routing

Demand Heatmaps

That is not all, we can help you solve any of your data related problem.
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Developed a car recommendation model
Built a model for data driven pricing suggestions for car owners
Demand heat maps to facilitate optimal placement of cars for car owners
Performed customer segmentation to understand the relationship between different customer attributes and their onsite behavior
Designed and implemented an AI based chatbot to automate responses to customer queries related to car search, booking, pricing, and other FAQs
Architected end to end analytics pipeline to provide meaningful insights and facilitate informed decision making
From smart city transportation options to logistic solutions such as drone delivery, smart mobility technology is driving everything.
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