The biggest challenge faced by 53% of respondents is in gathering and integrating big data, while 52% struggle to build a predictive analytics platform. Both challenges are linked to the lack of data strategy.

Data Strategy Consulting

Data Strategy is weaved into all pillars of digital transformation and shapes up the business strategy.


  1. Improve Data Visibility and Accessibility
  2. Integrate Data Sources and Eliminate Silos
  3. Streamline Data Collection and Sharing
  4. Set Clear Guidelines and Objectives for Data Management
  5. Make Data More Actionable and Easily Shared
  6. Establishing Guidelines for Data Analysis and Application

AI & ML Solutions

We have expertise in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning and Chatbots. We adopt a holistic approach to develop robust AI & ML solutions that entails the following phases:

1. Learn

Develop understanding of the business model and problems faced.

2. Educate

Explain AI technology and develop a common ground of possibilities for the business.

3. Ideate

Find solutions and prioritize them for short-term and long-term.

4. Develop

Formulate an action plan to transform the business with AI.

5. Implement

Ensure the organization embraces the technology by providing a thorough change management plan.

IoT Based Solutions

1. Learn

Understanding data

2. Data Ingestion

Harnessing the power of IoT data

3. Data Visualization

Creating dashboards to display the data

4. Actionable Insights

Leveraging Machine Learning to predict future trends

Data Driven Marketing

Most businesses are not living up to their analytical potential. We can help you reach a higher altitude of success by putting your data to its best use.

It is all about knowing your customers and personalizing their experience.

Studies have reported that data-driven marketing increases ROI, with campaigns that leverage data-driven personalization reporting  5-8x ROI for their campaign spend.

Understanding the motivation, need and behavior of the customer and using it to offer personalized customer experience is the essence of a successful digital marketing strategy.

Data Warehousing & BI

1. Generate Data

2. Store Data

3. Extract, Transform & Load

4. Aggregate Data

5. Data Modeling

6. Data Visualization

Custom Data Products

Not all businesses are the same, therefore there is no one solution that fits all.

We do not only focus on solving the existing problem, but also strive for enabling business growth. To do so, it is extremely important that we go to the grass root level to understand your business intricacies and design solutions accordingly.