360 Degrees Business Analytics


Agile response to the ever-increasing change in any industry is compulsory to cope with the competitive environment. But to build a structure robust enough to cater to dynamic situations nowadays, the fundamental solution will be to apply a holistic approach-oriented framework. This will filter priorities when organizations can have a 360-degree profile of their operational structure and customers, providing a practical SWOT analysis at every stage. However, implementing this digital transformation would be much less beneficial without advanced analytics obtained via AI Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)for business intelligence. This paradigm shift is inevitable to revolutionize the power of digital transformation.

Challenges Faced by the Customers

Poor decision making

Ineffective and unreliable information can only make situations worse. Though the digitalization of systems improves the visibility of the system, saturation is accomplished much earlier than expected. After that, things become unstable and clear pictures get farthest. Decision-making is the most affected area due to no element to proactively approach matters. Only ad hoc corrective measures are taken with a reactive and chaotic system. However, if digitalization is complemented with the essentials of AI, including ML, Deep learning, etc., things take a different route leading to theoretical results.

 Useless & impractical Insights

With the regular ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation in practice, the system can be overwhelmed with unwanted insights. As a result, the productivity of the resources suffers from unpredictable interruptions in the workflow. However, if the AI & ML augmented advanced analytics are attributed to the operational model, the system runs more effectively with minimal big data load.

In a nutshell

360-degree business analytics can boost the performance of organizations, but to keep rejuvenating time-time supplementation with AI & ML has now become essential. Only the proactive approach to depict predictive and prescriptive analytics for timely action is the proper strategy to keep pace with demanding diversities in this digital era.
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