IoT (Internet of Things)


IoT is the swiftest emerging technology among the public. Wireless propagation, intelligent sensitivity, advanced actuation, computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing are all fundamentals of IoT. IoT components not complemented with AI, machine learning models, and data science to automate and adapt to experience always suffer. The central theme behind IoT is to improve people’s quality of life, i.e., to involve the least effort/resources with maximum/productive output. Reaching this goal could seem like a long shot, and such a system would be a cyborg of the latest technological culmination. An advanced analytics-supported system with no input requisition and the highest learning curve is the only solution that is the basis of computer science application to IoT with AI & data science.

Challenges Faced by the Customers

In a nutshell:

AI, Machine learning, and Data science application into IoT-based systems is a leading step towards improving the adherence to quality compliance level of such systems.