A contemporary fast food restaurant in one of the major cities in Pakistan offering a blend of Middle Eastern and Italian cuisines.

The Problem

Allspice didn’t have a consolidated view of marketing data in order to evaluate the impact of marketing efforts on sales. Moreover, the restaurant didn’t have a data analytics ecosystem to evaluate business performance and take better decisions. Although there was a website for online orders, conversion rate was very low and most of the orders used to come from takeaway, Foodpanda and delivery channels. As some of the conventional restaurants do, most of the decision making was based on intuition.

A proper data analytics ecosystem was built for Allspice entailing sales and customer analytics dashboards, marketing effectiveness dashboard and website analytics. The following initiatives were taken to make allspice a data driven brand:

  • Consolidate data from Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics and Website to analyze impact of marketing efforts and evaluate which influencer partnership resulted in good sales
  • Sales and Customer Analytics Dashboards on top of their POS for better decision. Their POS dashboard was very basic, and they could not analyze things like customer repeat ratio, weekday/weekend sales patterns, which channel is the most effective in terms of customer acquisition etc
  • Website analytics tool was implemented to analyze customer conversion funnel and improve UI/UX.  
  • A referral program was launched to create a network effect and increase online sales
  • A personalized recommendation model was integrated within the website to increase conversion rate and upsell/cross-sell opportunities.
  • Simplified dashboards were built on top of Google Analytics to analyze web traffic using key metrics
  • Customer segmentation to send targeted SMS to customers in order to increase repeat customers  
  • Customer feedback surveys to improve customer experience
  • Developed a customer service chatbot integrated within Facebook messenger to respond to customer queries instantly

Data-driven decision making was enabled for the business, especially, regarding providing the customers a personalized, seamless experience.

Case Studies

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