National Commercial Bank

National Commercial Bank

One of the largest commercial banks that currently operates with 1,000+ branches in 400+ cities across Pakistan. The bank is managing more than USD 10B in assets (as of 2021).

The Problem

The Bank does not have a single view of customers residing in different sources, for e.g., the data for one customer is spread across multiple sources. The bank would like to have a single source of truth for each customer instead of looking for relevant data in each source.


Customer Data coming from different sources was provided. The data had a lot of quality issues. Data Pilot built the Master Data by consolidating data from different sources creating a single master record for each customer.


Ensured uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, semantic consistency and accountability of master data assets. Moreover, it provided a unified view of critical business data with a single master data set and ensured consistency of data used in analytical and operational processes. Manual data management is more difficult, especially in organizations with large amounts of data. MDM (Master Data Management) automated steps of data management, the time and resources required to process master data are reduced.

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