Homemade Method
Helping women to take control of their health and reach their weight loss goals with personalized and evidence-based solutions.
Services Offered

Homemade Method is a health-tech startup, helping women in their 50s, 60s & 70s lose weight and lower high blood sugars, pressure, and cholesterol – via personalized diet and nutrition plans.  

The Problem

Sub-optimal utilization of customer and web analytics in decision making. This led to noticeable gaps in the digital advertising, UI/UX strategy and user performance across traffic and revenue metrics. 

·   GTM tagging in Google Tag Manager for all types of tags, triggers, and variables 

·   Cross domain linking for iframes and subdomains 

·   A/B testing and campaign optimization using Google Optimize 

·   GTM tracking using Google Analytics 4, Facebook pixel 

       -    Event-based funnel tracking 

       -    Channel attribution modelling 

       -    Browser and server-side tracking using conversion API 

       -    Monitoring events match quality and ensuring data accuracy 

·    Building a data pipeline for automated reporting 

·    Data visualization on Google Data Studio and Mode Analytics 

·    Data driven marketing spend decisions and better campaign planning 

·    Provision of multi-dimensional customer behavior insights 

·    High data accuracy 

·    Quick analysis via real-time data precision  

·    Pre-set formulas giving automated results for custom KPIs 

·    User-friendly reporting via interactive dashboards

Case Studies

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