Global Fashion Brand

Global Fashion Brand

 An American clothing company with world wide presence and a pioneer in its category with a market cap of ~USD 7B.

The Problem

This Global Fashion Brand's quality inspection of garments entails checking for defects in the garment manually by the quality Inspector. If defects are found in a finished garment, the defect is logged manually in quality inspection mobile application. The defect logging process takes time to complete an audit which leads to inefficiency.


A computer vision model was built to identify the type of defect and highlight the defected area on the garment. The model is integrated within the quality inspection mobile application. The model has automated the defect logging process by detecting the defect automatically and prefill existing fields based on output from the model.


This model has reduced the defect logging process by half i.e., if one audit logging process took 60 seconds, it will now take 30 seconds.  

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