WeGuide is a world leading, regulatory approved, no-code digital HealthTech platform.

WeGuide is a world leading, regulatory approved, no-code digital health platform that quickly & securely creates lifechanging health technology solutions. Our mission is to improve patient lives by taking out the complexity of technology when creating and maintaining digital health.

The Problem

WeGuide is a patient engagement application which is used by multiple tenants to gauge patient satisfaction. The existing dashboards to analyze patient engagement were quite basic and not structured well.

Data Pilot revamped the dashboards by changing the dashboard structure and adding new KPIs so that tenants can monitor patient engagement and take better decisions. Moreover, we also enabled product analytics dashboards to analyze user interactions with the product to identify UI/UX issues and problems in the user funnel.

Visibility of patient engagement and pain points so that they can be taken care of there and then. Moreover, customer interactions with the mobile app were never recorded before, which were enabled through Mixpanel.  

Case Studies

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