With Data-

Our Story

Data Pilot started with a simple idea: to empower organizations so they can make informed, data-driven decisions.

When the company was set up in 2021, the data analytics space was still new for many corporations. Business intelligence tools and solutions appealed to many decision-makers, but they were largely unaware of how to leverage their own data to improve revenues, build a loyal customer base, and fuel growth. They wanted help, so we created solutions to solve their challenges. Today, we’ve built valuable connections across various industries, expanded our services to customers outside globally, and strengthened our processes to deliver impactful results. 


To lead and collaborate with our stakeholders, employees, and customers and leverage their strengths to meet mutual business goals.


To empower businesses through smart data intelligence so they can improve decision making in today’s dynamic markets.

Our values make us impactful

We bring empathy  to every project we undertake

Our efforts and willingness to learn drives us to create excellence

We remain curious to learn and invite in differences.

We celebrate diversity in people and perspectives.

We encourage innovation from all those we connect with.

We respect opinoions and foster a culture of dignity.

We handle each project with integrity and ensure due diligence.

We see humility as accpeting our limitations, learning from our mistakes, and giving credit to others.

We are authentic in our approach every time.

We belive in teamwork to achieve our objectives.