About Swyft

Swyft Logistics was created with the vision of reinventing logistics. It’s the first technology and data driven last mile delivery service in Pakistan. From express delivery to real-time tracking, Swyft fulfill all pre-requisites for a smooth and efficient delivery system.

The missing pieces

Swyft logistics does not have any analytics dashboard for the operations team to monitor the health of business in terms of parcel deliveries, cash collected and rider and vendor performance. The reporting was excel-based through manual effort which led to a lot of time being wasted on redundant tasks.

Creating an entire ETL pipeline

Data Pilot has built an ETL pipeline and Data Warehouse, fetching data from Swyft’s operational data store in a DWH design, based on their reporting needs. The dashboard gets refreshed automatically with new incoming data. This gives visibility to the Operations team so they can take prompt, data-driven decisions.

Enabling real-time visibility of operational efficiency for the business.

The updated process enable Swyft to serve their customers better.

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