Data Driven Marketing - Tanya from Careem, Ayesha from SWVL and Aliya from UBL

The webinar features three speakers; Tanya (Careem), Ayesha (SWVL), and Aliya (UBL). It highlights the various ways in which data can inform and enhance marketing strategies. Personalization, testing, collaboration, and automation are essential factors that drive success, but organizations must also consider ethical considerations such as privacy and consent when using data.

Key Takeaways

  • Customer behavior data, social media analytics, and market research are essential for effective marketing.  
  • Personalized marketing appeals to different customer segments and helps companies create tailored offers and campaigns that resonate with the audience.  
  • Testing different marketing strategies helps businesses compare the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and optimize their marketing spend.  
  • Collaboration across departments helps create a more unified customer experience.  
  • Marketing automation tools can streamline workflows and improve efficiency.
  • Transparency and consent are important in collecting and using customer data.  

Case Studies